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HFR Freiburg - Kantonsspital

Music therapy at the Centre for Integrative Paediatrics
Acute, chronic and psychosomatic disorders, new-born and premature babies

In October 2020, a music therapist joined the team to support inpatients and outpatients at the paediatric clinic based at the Fribourg cantonal hospital. The goal of this pilot project, which falls within the remit of the Centre for Integrative Paediatrics, is to use music therapy as a regular element of the clinic's complementary therapies.

Experience has shown that a combination of conventional and complementary therapies allows simultaneous treatment on several levels, thereby creating synergies which have positive effects on the healing process. Music therapy enables various symptoms and disease patterns to be treated from a different perspective. It gives injured or ill children the opportunity to express themselves through music within a safe environment and with the help of a therapist who can dedicate her time and attention to them individually.

Patients are treated directly at their hospital beds or in a therapy room. Both receptive methods (where the child, for instance, picks a song that he or she likes and then comments on it by adding pictures or emotions) and active methods (where the child creates his or her own music through vocal and instrumental improvisation with the therapist) are used.

Project leaders:

Dr. med. Benedikt Huber, Facharzt für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin

Loyse Wittwer Grandjean, dipl. Musiktherapeutin