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Kantonsspital Luzern

Music therapy at the Children’s Hospital and the Women’s Clinic
Acute, chronic and psychosomatic disorders, high-risk pregnancies

Music therapy has been an integral part of the therapies offered at the Children's Hospital and the Women's Clinic in Lucerne since 2002. The cantonal hospital now offers music therapy with the support of Fondation ART-THERAPIE.

In February 2021, a music therapist joined the team to support newborns, children and adolescents at the Children's Hospital as well as women with high-risk pregnancies on the prenatal ward and patients with breast or tumor diseases at the Women's Clinic.

The therapist's work is based on findings in music therapy, which have shown that playing with rhythms, dynamics, sounds, and melodies reverberates on both the physical and mental level. Therapies include elements of animation as well as therapeutic guidance.

At the Children's Hospital, the music therapist supports children and adolescents with physical and mental disorders on the intensive care ward, while patients with chronic disorders are treated on their respective wards (patients in the oncology and psychosomatics departments).

Music therapy at the Women's Clinic is geared towards women with high-risk pregnancies and patients with tumor diseases. The central focus of this work is to provide mental and psychological support in highly challenging situations (insecurity, anxiety, loss).

Music therapy activates resources of inner stability, which has a positive effect on the unborn child and promotes the wellbeing of mother and child as well as children and adolescents with chronic disorders.

Project leaders:
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas J. Neuhaus, Chefarzt Pädiatrie und Departementsleiter Kinderspital
Eliane Lauber, eidg. dipl. Kunsttherapeutin Fachrichtung Musik; Master of advanced studies ZFH in klinischer Musiktherapie

Children’s Hospital
Women’s Clinic