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Kantonsspital St. Gallen (KSSG)

Music therapy at the neonatology ward of the women's clinic
Adaptation dysfunctions, breathing and nutritional problems, drug withdrawal

Integration of neonatology in the women's clinic enables direct proximity between new-born babies and their mothers. Premature and new-born babies who need special care around the clock have been supported by a music therapist on two half days since 2015. She adjusts treatment with every individual child based on medical indication and current needs. This musical interaction offer often improves regulation and deepens sleep. However, it can also have a stimulating effect, especially with fine-tuned multimodal stimulation.

Parents are involved by the music therapist building a sound envelope around the young family or singing for the child together with them. Many parents experience this as a support for bonding with their child. Women in high-risk pregnancies can also enjoy these recognised effective therapies on the prenatal ward. Their highest priority is relaxation and musical contact with their unborn children.

Dr. Andreas Malzacher, Leitender Arzt Neonatologie
Irmgard Keraudren-Aichberger, MAS Klinische Musiktherapeutin