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Ostschweizer Kinderspital St. Gallen (OKS)

Art and music therapy in the departments of psychosomatics/psychotherapy, neonatology, oncology
premature birth, regulation disorders, cancer, psychosomatic diseases, posttraumatic stress disorders

The Stiftung Ostschweizer Kinderspital St. Gallen (OKS) manages a hospital centre for paediatric and adolescent medicine, meeting the requirements for a category 4 training and further training site.

The psychosomatic/psychotherapy (PP) department forms a medical focus at the OKS. It is operated under the management of the adolescent medicine clinic. We work with a multimodular therapy approach here, in which music and art therapy could be firmly established as supplementary treatment methods in cooperation with an interdisciplinary team. They are highly renowned and valued in the OKS as well. The professionally responsible person is the managing physician of the psychosomatics/psychotherapy department. The treatment concepts correspond to the bio-psycho-social model and are anchored in the leading principle of the OKS as well.

Music and art therapy are used primarily for long-term patients in the ward at the OKS. Patients with eating disorders and patients with chronic, psychosomatic or psychoaffective disorders benefit the most from this.

For oncology patients, music therapy has been a firm part of psycho-oncology for years. This form of treatment is now newly used in the infant ward as well in the scope of multidisciplinary support of premature babies and infants and their families with complex medical issues.

Dr. Josef Laimbacher, Chefarzt Jugendmedizin
Dr. Christian Henkel, Leitender Arzt Psychosomatik/Psychotherapie
Dr. Barbara Gindl, Musik-Psychotherapeutin SFMT
Melanie Scarpa Maissen, Dipl. Kunsttherapeutin IHK
Isabel Witschi, MAS Klinische Musiktherapeutin, DAS Musik-Psychotherapeutin