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Universitäts-Kinderspital Zürich (KISPI)

Art and expressive therapy in the intensive care ward, neonatology and intermediate care.
Severe chronic diseases, cancer, cardio-respiratory problems, disability, consequences of accidents, trauma, psychosomatic diseases

Art and expressive therapy has been offered at the Kinderspital Zürich since the late 1990s. Three therapists take care of new-born babies, children and teens in intermediate care, and sometimes even in the intensive care ward and neonatology, continuing their support later in the regular ward. These are mostly severely or chronically ill long-term patients whom the customised therapy helps express their feelings and needs and to process their experience with their diseases. The program comprises a broad range, from painting, drawing and design to music, storytelling and role-play.

Prof. Dr. Luregn Schlapbach, Abteilungsleiter Intensivmedizin und Neonatologie
Barbara Trechslin, Schulleiterin
Tanja Onorato, Kunst- und Ausdruckstherapeutin MAS
Barbara Carnielli, Mal- und Ausdruckstherapeutin, Traumatherapeutin
Rachel Gotsmann, Dipl. Musiktherapeutin
Selina Kehl, Klinische Musiktherapeutin MAS