• «Art and music touch places in the young patients where no injection can reach.»
    Petula Clark, singer, songwriter and patron of the Fondation ART-THERAPIE

  • «Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can't.»
    Johnny Depp

  • «Music can build bridges where the spoken language cannot.»
    Valeri Gergiev, conductor and opera company director, patron oft he Fondation ART-THERAPIE

  • «In a peripheral hospital, paediatrics is like a safe harbour»
    Dr. Valdo Pezzoli, head physician at the paediatrics department in the regional hospital of Lugano

  • «Art- and music therapy allow the patient to become immerged in another world.»
    C.B., art-therapist at University Children’s Hospital Zurich

  • «It is only in being creative that the individual discovers the self.»
    D. W. Winnicott, English paediatrician and psychoanalyst

The governing bodies

Foundations Board
Charlotte Leber    
Founder, president, Geneva
Daniel Frutig
Vice president, Winterthur, entrepreneur
Dr. med. Kurt Albermann     
Member, Kantonsspital Winterthur, chief physician at Social Pediatric Centre, vice-director department of medecine ice-directeur du département child and youth medicine
Dr. med. Bernhard Frey   
Member Uster, former director of intensive care and neonatology, niversitäts-Kinderspital (KISPI), Zurich
Patrick Voegeli 
Member, Bäch, associate Cité Gestion, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich

Hors conseil
Maurice Hoffstetter, Blonay
Secretary of the Board  
Silvana Mombelli Thommen
Prof. Dr. Alain Golay, HUG Geneva, chief physician, Service Education thérapeutique pour maladies chroniques
Dr. md. Josef Laimbacher, chief physician, department Jugendmedizin, Ostschweizer Kinderspital, St-Gall
Cornelia Neuhaus, co-director therapies, University Children's Hospital, Basel
Dr. md. Valdo Pezzoli, chief physician, paediatric department, Ospedale regionale di Lugano

Fiducial SA, Geneva

Crédit Suisse AG, account: 0251-1489262-11
IBAN : CH19 0483 5148 9262 1100 0, BIC/SWIFT : CRESCHZZ80A

Fondation ART-THERAPIE, 11, Rue De-Beaumont, 1206 Geneva

Administrative Management
Silvana Mombelli Thommen
Tel. +41 79 251 24 38,

Martina Mächler
+41 78 838 24 26,

Project Coordination and Communication
Muriel Leber
Tel. +41 79 966 94 01‬, 

Andrea Abegg Serrano
Tel. +41 76 528 16 23‬, 

Sophie Tarchini
Tel. +41 79 100 61 92‬, 

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