Leave a mark well beyond your own life

Pass your values on to future generations

Continuing to work for the common good well beyond our lifetime is the greatest gift we can give to future generations. It’s never too early to ask the right questions and to consider the wishes and ideas that define our existence and those that we wish to pass on.

Drawing up a will ensures that your estate is passed on according to your wishes. You decide how you want to distribute your assets and ensure that your ideals and values live on.

Because it’s not just about passing on a financial legacy; it’s also an opportunity to pass on your values and principles in a safe way to future generations.

By choosing the Fondation ART-THERAPIE, you are helping to ensure the long-term benefits of art therapy for young patients.

We are members of the Alliance for the Common Good. On their “continuer à agir”»platform, you will find information, links and advice on the subject of inheritance, as well as testimonials. Here are some useful links:

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