«Art has the task to keep awake what is so important and necessary for humans like us.»


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Trade Literature

Art Therapy: A Complementary Treatment for Mental Disorders

Jingxuan Hu, Jinhuan Zhang, Liyu Hu, Haibo Yu and Jinping Xu. 2021

Review: systematic review of effectiveness of art psychotherapy in children with mental health disorders

Irene Braito, Tara Rudd, Dicle Buyuktaskin, Mohammad Ahmed, Caoimhe Glancy, Aisling Mulligan. 2021

Music in premature infants enhances high-level cognitive brain networks

L.Lordier, D-E.Meskaldji, F.Grouiller, M.P.Pittet, A.Vollenweider, L.Vasung, C.Borradori-Tolsa, F.Lazeyras, D.Grandjean, D.Van De Ville and P.S.Hüppi. 2019

Efficacité d’un programme d’art-thérapie pour adolescents obèses

J-L.Sudres, C.Anzules, K.Albermann, V.Pezzoli, N.Evangelista, M.Mulattieri, C.Mühlbauer, J.Bär, N.Farpour-Lambert, G.Brandibas et A.Golay. 2016

Art therapy for patients with depression: expert opinions on its main aspects for clinical practice.

Blomdahl, C., Gunnarsson, B A., Guregård, S., Rusner, M., Wijk, H. et al. (2016)

Nationale Studie zur Wirksamkeit von Kunsttherapie

Forum für Kunsttherapie, Dr. med. K. Albermann, J. Bär, Dr. med. V. Pezzoli, M. Mulattieri, C. Mühlbauer, Prof. Dr. med. A. Golay, C. Anzules, N. Evangelista, J-L. Sudres. 2014

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