Good deeds create heroes

Heroes are not born, It is thanks to their deeds in life they become heroes. To become a hero, small but good deeds are enough – because the greatness of the deed is not measured by the one who helps, but by the one who needs help.

Our environment consists of our home, our family, our work, the nature that surrounds us, the city we live in and the people we meet every day. However, our living environment also includes our fellow citizens, whom we often overlook – vulnerable people who are unable to achieve a decent life for themselves on their own.

With the « Good deeds create heroes » project, is calling on people to help charitable organizations like us, which care for the most vulnerable, with a good deed. After all, improving our environment and the quality of life of all people is the responsibility of each and every one of us.

Become a hero – even if only for a moment. Every help counts. Find out more about the project at or contact us directly to find a suitable good deed for you.



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